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Person Centered Thinking
for Person‐Centred
Thinking Tools

Alison Short and Helen Sanderson put together this list of competencies with a description and the knowledge needed to master the competency. .pdf 356kb 2014
When We Don’t
Facing the conflicts that happen when people are planning and working together for a better life. This pack aims to provide a few tools to help people understand their conflicts, build their resilience, and ensure that conflict is handled in a respectful way for all parties. By Max Neill, Safiyyah Patel, and Catherine Dobson. .pdf 786kb 2012
The Importance of Environment This article by Michael Smull and Mary Lou Bourne provides a consistent framework for evaluating a person's environment.  It is a helpful continuum for thinking about what needs to be present or absent. .pdf Web 2012
What is Person Centered Thinking and Planning?

Helen Sanderson and Michael Smull introduce person centred thinking, and suggest a way of thinking about progress in developing person centred thinking and planning within your organisation.

.pdf 170kb 01/15/05
The Best of Both Voices: Person Centred Thinking and Advocacy:

In this book Julie Lunt and Jonathon Bassett have used examples from their own lives to demonstrate the eight person centred tools, in four areas, in a clear and easy to use format. It will enable advocates to:

• Find out about their partner.
• Tell others about their partner.
• Make sure that things happen for their partner.

Advocates will find it useful to use them in their own lives to
understand how they work with their advocacy partners.

.pdf 695kb 2006
Planning and the Golden Rule

by Arthur Bolton


While this article was written about
neighborhoods, substituting person centered planning or community works as well.

A mother concludes teaching her six year old about the golden rule by saying, “So you see dear, we are here to help others.”After thinking about this for a moment the child asks, “And what are the others here for?”

.pdf 87kb Timeless
Independent Facilitation Independent Facilitation in Ontario: Governance and Structure Issues - Presentation by John Lord




Guidelines for using 1st person in planning

Guidelines for using the first person in plans.




Guidelines for using 1st person in planning PowerPoint Version .ppt 104kb 12/01/04
Your Personal Passport A workbook for people with developmental disabilities and their friends and families who want to learn more about person-centered planning. .pdf 2.2mg 3/96
Listen to Me Listen to me is an individual planning workbook based on the process and values of Essential Lifestyle Planning. .pdf 342kb  
My Life Thoughts About My Life (in landscape format) can be downloaded in Word format. This is a great piece developed by Karen Manning, Robin Reale, Michael Smull and Liz Obermeyer. It's a workbook that gives people a way to write stories about their lives. Those stories can be used to help facilitate planning meetings. They can also help family, friends and service agencies pay attention to what people say is important to them. .pdf 675kb  
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