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Social Capital
Social Capital: How Do I Get It and
Where Do I Spend It
2006 Reinventing Quality Conference - Presentation by jim Gardner
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A Guide to Developiong Community Connections Compilation of resourceson community connecting. .pdf 770kb 1996
Community Connecting PowerPoint .ppt    
A Guide to Developing Community Connections This workbook is a compilation of tools and
information gathered from people across the country who do the work of community building.
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Better Together

BetterTogether provides interactive ways to celebrate and learn from the ways that Americans are connecting, and provides tools and strategies to reconnect with others.

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The Mayonnaise Jar and 2 Cups of Coffee Simple story that can be used in training to illustrate the importnace of building social connections. .doc 21kb 04/17/07
Social Capital and Civil Society

Social capital is important to the efficient functioning of modern economies, and is the sine qua non of stable liberal democracy. It constitutes the cultural component of modern societies, which in other respects have been organized since the Enlightenment on the basis of formal institutions, the rule of law, and rationality. Building social capital has typically been seen as a task for "second generation" economic reform; but unlike economic policies or even economic institutions, social capital cannot be so easily created or shaped by public policy. This paper will define social capital, explore its economic and political functions, as well as its origins, and make some suggestions for how it can be cultivated.

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